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Making Health and Safety Work

Health & Safety Works are a specialist health and safety consultancy offering a dedicated health and safety advisory service to small and medium sized businesses across Cambridge, East Anglia and London. Our services range from health and safety reviews, audits, risk assessments and advice through to the provision of health and safety training that includes IOSH certified courses.

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Health and Safety Projects

Laboratory Safety Course

After a 5 months work we have had our Laboratory Safety course accredited by IOSH. It is a 2 day course covering all areas of laboratory safety. It has been developed and refined over some time and so reached the high standards that IOSH demand to satisfy their course accreditation. See our web site training pages for course information and dates.

Solare UK

Following a fall from a fragile roof and an individual suffering serious injury from the fall. Solare UK Ltd were issued with an improvement notice from the HSE.  Solare UK sought our help with the improvement notice.  Through leasing with the HSE to find out their specific needs we developed all the documentation that was needed to the required HSE standards, this included guidance documentation and safe systems of work which fulfilled the notice.

Dermal Laboratories

Dermal Labs

We continue to work with Dermal Laboratories 2 days a week to implement a Health & Safety Management System across their 3 sites, which included manufacturing, warehousing, offices and laboratories. A lot of work has gone into developing and producing new Safety Policies and supporting documents for the whole Group. This documentation has then been backed up with specific Risk Assessment, CoSHH and DSEAR training.

AATEC Services Ltd, Jan 2011

AATEC Services contract for MedImmune

Since September we have been working closely with Aatec Services Ltd on an office fit out for Medimmune on Granta Park.

Medimmune's American safety managers visisted the site and decided on the standards that we had to implement.  This included printed RA & MS's for all activities to be signed daily, regular site inspections, tool box talks and stringent PPE requirements.  Throughout the project all staff and contractors involved cooperated with the very high safety requirements and documention.

The site was very well run by Aatec Services Ltd, with the help for Safety provided by us.  This was a 26 week project with 2 safety crane lifts, one involving the air conditioning plant and another an external spiral staircase extension to the roof level.

Throughout the whole project there was no minor or lost time accidents.

J & J Drake Ltd, Jan 2011

HSW Ltd has been working with J&J Drake Ltd for 4 years.  This year they have had external audits from Morrisons Utilities, EDF and Achilles,  acheiving 90% for Health and Safety in the Achilles audit and recieving accreditation for all the above audits.  Before these audits HSW Ltd reviewed all their safety documentation to ensure it was current and covered the utility work that is undertaken by J&J Drake Ltd.  

Air Monitoring

In co-operation with Gillies Associates HSW Ltd has recently carried out air sampling at two companies.  The first company involved the monitoring for Isocyanates in the atmosphere.  Isocyanates cause sensitisation and a member of staff was identified as possibly being sensitised.  We undertook general background monitoring for the process involved and also individual operators were monitored throughout the day.  The results obtained were below the WEL level as required in EH40 by the HSE.  All the results were correlated into a report which identified possible action and recommendations that would help keep Isocyanate exposures as low as reasonably practicable.   The work we carried out was also looked at by Addenbrookes Occupational Health facility.

The second company produces resins which are made up of styrene, the HSE had visited site and issued and improvement notice for them to undertake certain actions.  Again we carried out individual air monitoring throughout one shift on all the operators involved in the process.  We also used a direct reading instrument to give real time indications of styrene concentrations throughout all the different processes. This monitor gives a direct reading which can pin point where the highest exposures may occur.  From the results obtained the levels were below the WEL EH40 level. 

AATEC Services Ltd

AATEC Services contract for MedImmune

HSW Ltd act as Aatec Services Ltd appointed Health and Safety person as required under the management of Health and Safety at Work Regs 1999.  Aatec Services Ltd have been contracted to fit out an office block on the Granta Science Park for MedImmune the American Pharmaceutical company.  This project has involved major input from the Americans on the Health and Safety required on site.  Working with Aatec Services Ltd we have developed safety systems to cover the CDM regulations, Risk Assessments and Method Statements which meet UK legislation and American requirements.  The project started at the end of September and is due to continue until the end of January 2011.  Aatec Services Ltd have received praise from MedImmune for the way health and safety has been handled on site, especially their site inductions.

STEMCELL Technologies

HSW Ltd has been working with George White, (Regional Manager) to put in place all health and safety requirements for the company in Europe.  This has involved consultation with their parent companies in Canada and France.  The documentation has covered Laboratory Safety for their representatives demonstrating magnetic cell sorters.  This includes Hep B inoculation policies, decontamination of equipment certificates, CoSHH and Biological Risk Assessments.


A small, innovative, local company involved in the development and production of energy bill reduction and home security monitoring devices asked HSW Ltd to review H&S requirements and procedures. From this we undertook fire risk assessments, risk assessments for all activities and COSHH assessments. Along with their office administrator Katie Barnard we also implemented Safety Policies and Manuals.

Stallabras Ltd

Stallabras Ltd is a shop fitting company, their contractor stopped all their work until their health and safety documentation was up to date. HSW Ltd had the task of producing up to date Risk assessments, Method Statements, Safety Manual and Policy and COSHH sheets in a short space of time to ensure Stallabras Ltd could return to work as quickly as possible. From meeting the client on Tuesday, all this was put in place by the following Monday. The company was allowed back on site to fulfil all its contracts.

Institute of Hepatology, Foundation for Liver Research

Having Separated from University College London, HSW Ltd was appointed by the Institute of Hepatology as their competent person and biological safety officer.
A full safety audit was undertaken and from this audit, documentation updated. This included rules for category III containment facilities for Hep B and Hep C research.

AATEC Services

AATEC Services contract for MedImmune

Having provided health and safety support for AATEC Services whilst they undertook the refurbishment of the Medimmune laboratories at Granta Park in 2009, they have renewed their annual contract for a further year. 

HSW ltd helped them with the following:

·          Safety documentation

·          CDM documentation audits

·          Training – Induction, Asbestos Awareness, Safety Awareness

·          Weekly inspections as required by the American parent company





February 2010

This month has seen many clients requiring bespoke training courses.  HSW ltd has developed and delivered the following:

·          COSHH update for Dr Reddy Laboratories on Cambridge Science Park.

·          Senior Management health and safety update training for i2 at Fulbourn.

·          Laboratory safety training for Stemcell technologies in Sheffield.

·          Manual Handling training for Grifols at Cambridge Business Park.





HSW Ltd are working for i2 to undertake a full safety review and to update all Health and Safety Documentation across the business.

AATEC Services Ltd

AATEC Services contract for MedImmune

Health and Safety Works have completed a review and rewrite of the documentation system for AATEC Services for the CDM regulations on the refurbishment of the MedImmune Laboratories on the Granta Park.

The new CDM Documentation System has forms to record contractor information, specific risk assessments and method statements in time for MedImmune's American Construction Safety Manager visit to approve AATEC's systems.

The project has progressed well and HSW Ltd have undertaken weekly site visits and inspections which are reported to America.

Sydney Hart

Sydney Hart

Health and Safety Works have completed the development of a full safety management system for Sydney Hart Limited, fruit importers based at Newton.

This involved site visits to inspect safety as they contracted for packing at Soham, general office and fire risk assessment.

Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory

Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory

Health and Safety Works have been contracted by Toshiba to undertake a health and safety review of their Cambridge Research Laboratory facility on the Cambridge Science Park.

Horse Racing Forensics Laboratory

Horse Racing Forensics Laboratory

HSW Ltd have provided 2-3 days a week on site for the Horse Racing Forensics Laboratory to cover safety management whilst a new safety advisor was appointed.

This involved reviewing and updating all documentation, planning and delivering management training, risk assessment training, inductions and update training.

Regular safety inspections have been carried out for biological safety for specific blood borne hazards and radioisotope audits.

Health and Safety Projects

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