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Making Health and Safety Work

Reduce risks, reduce costs; increase productivity and improve relationships within the business. Making Health and Safety Work for your business is what we do.

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Health and Safety Works

We believe in using Health and Safety as a tool to improve your business practices and increase efficiency. Effective review and improvement of procedures within the business can increase morale and reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime and costs.

Health and Safety Process - Audit, Policy, Organising, Plan and Implement, Measure, Review

The key to achieving these benefits is a pragmatic and realistic approach to analysing business processes, working safely and more effectively.

New safety practices need buy in throughout the organisation and we work with both the senior management team and all employees to design and implement changes with an open and honest approach.

Choosing your health and safety partner is a key part of this process and we are proud to work with clients across all business sectors throughout Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and London and our Consultants have particular expertise with Biotech, Food Science, HiTech and Laboratory environments together with office, the building industry and industrial workplaces.

Health and Safety Works Principal Consultants

David Oates

Following a degree in biochemistry, David Oates gained extensive experience within food chemistry, cell and molecular biology, project management and property refurbishment, becoming a Member of the Institute of Biology, a Chartered Biologist, a Corporate member of IOSH and gaining recognition on the IOSH Register of Safety Practitioners.

Having worked with safety since the introduction of the COSHH regulations in 1988 David has a particular specialism in the scientific environment with key projects and experience including:

  • Setting up H&S at the Sanger Centre at Hinxton Hall.
  • Safety Adviser at Virco who undertook Phyenotyping and Genotyping HIV patients.
  • Safety Adviser at Imutran where the research was in pig heart transplantation.
  • Involved in Research and Safety with the ICRF Tumor Virus group who were attempting to find a vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus.
  • Worked for The Cancer Reserch Council on DNA repair.
  • Six years experience of analytical food chemistry.

My project management experience has been gained in organising remedial work for roads and sewers on David Wilson Home sites, plus the refurbishment of laboratories and offices.

Published Papers

Collins, Andrew and Oates, David J.

Hydroxyurea: effects of deoxyribonucleotide pool sizes correlated with effects of DNA repair in mammalian cells.

European Journal Biochem. 169, 299-305, 1987.

Storey, A., Oates, D., Banks, L., Crawford, L. and Crook, T.

Anti-sense phosphorothioate oligonucleotides have both specific and non-specific effects on cells containing human papillomavirus type 16.

Nuc.Acids Res. 19, 4109-4114, 1991.

Squires, S., Oates, D. J., Bouffler, S. D., and Johnson,R. T.

Cockayne's Syndrome fibroblasts are characterised by hypersensitivity to deoxyguanosine and abnormal DNA precursor pool metabolism in response to either deoxyguanosine or ultraviolet light.

Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics. Vol 18, No 5, 387-401, 1992.

Health and Safety Projects

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chartered member of the institute of occupational safety and health, iosh institute of biology registered member and a chartered biologist

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